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QCA Mastering: The Ultimate High Audio Workstation.


Mastering is the art of making a collection of your best mixes sound like an album, and the science of preserving and enhancing the details of the artists vision. Making your CD stand out in a sea of releases requires a solid grasp of what defines sparkling sound and the competitive realities of the market.

The art of mastering is one of hearing and perspective. It requires patience, focus on details and the knowledge and experience gained through hours of critical listening.


Mastering requires an optimal listening environment. More crucial, any alterations of your original material must be performed with the best sounding tools and techniques available. The typical studio control room, your computer workstation and even audiophile listening rooms lack some or all of these ingredients. It's a process best performed in a dedicated mastering facility with the specialized tools of the mastering trade.


QCA Mastering is one place where all these ingredients come together, with a long history of results. We listen to your music through Dunlavy SC-IV speakers, in an open, listening room configuration. We monitor and convert digital signals with our Mytek Workstation 24 A/D/A. Audio is edited, sequenced and output on the industry standard HDSP system.