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The Ultimate Audio Workstation


In digital audio more is always better. A high resolution mix at 24 bits yields 256 times more resolution than 16 bit DATs. Combine this with 96 Khz sample rates for the smooth, open high end previously found only in the finest analog recordings. Many plug ins and standalones can work with 24 and 32 bits, but only the latest Sonic Solutions SonicStudioHD Workstation processes with 48 bit fixed point precision from input to output.


Digital Systems:






Analog... still the heavyweight mix down champ for professional major label projects. QCA’s been doing analog right for over 40 years, and continues to expand your analog options with a purist signal path. Our custom built Wolfram Mastering Console and world class Sontec EQ, feed a variety of great sounding Analog-to-Digital conversion systems.


Analog Systems:


QCA’s Dunlavy SC-IV speakers and matched monitoring system are set up in an open, listening room configuration to reveal problems near-field monitors and subwoofers hide. Your clients are spared embarrassing surprises by working in a carefully designed mastering suite equipped to handle whatever comes up. And treated to major label sound for their music.


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